75 Word Stories: Confluence

ConfluenceThese encounters, these pleas–
such misinformed stalks vitiate

me: a keel-hauling through a body
whose waters burn with bromine.

You will discover my moorings
clean from fasting, from strict ashes;

I stiffen for your bind. Filter me down,
again, to an edifice for your era.

Oh stranger, you cobbled me your disciple,
confounded all my discipline.

Is it fortunate to be light, thinly
stamped? My distress is your atlas

and confluence for a gaunt sale.


About WickedCultured

👨‍🎓MSW student @USC, Writer✍️, Gamer🎮, Runner🏃‍♂️
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One Response to 75 Word Stories: Confluence

  1. This reminds me, I used to do 50 stories on my blog! http://danpos.co.uk/?s=50+word+story

    Completely forgot about them, I may have to revisit it!

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