ImageI’ve been occupied with a bunch of miscellany since my last post about the Interstellar trailer. I built a new -awesome- desktop with an i5 and -finally- a legitimate copy of Microsoft’s Windows 8-1. MS won me over with their promise of seamless integration via OneDrive. All I need now is a Windows phone, but that likely won’t happen, because I’ve spent so much time on customizing my Android phone, and I use my phone (with an unlimited data plan) for Internet access.

Aside from the new desktop, I got myself set up with a Raspberry Pi. It’s been somewhat of a g.d-send. It has given me a rather oblique way to pursue programming. While I wish I was writing poetry instead of code, it helps that there is a free Pi version of MineCraft. So, I have been trying to punch trees with code.

The next part is more of a mimetic exercise, but doing this stuff does help me focus more. Thanks, Sarah, for directing me to the OP.

1) What are you working on?
I’m trying to learn Python, a coding language. But I still have designs for my hybrid novel Fabrications.

2) How does your work differ from others’ work in the same genre?
Fabrications is a cyberpunk story; a lot of it has been solidified via various tropes. The story differs in that it uses -serious- neuroscience to inform consciousness. This is a difficult matter to deal with, considering I don’t have, for example, a PET machine readily available…

3) Why do you write?
I write poetry and fiction, because, simply, I need the exercise. It gives me space; it gives me freedom. I need those things for any activity, but writing stands out because it is strictly driven by rules. Without the rules, I’d be lost.

4) How does your writing process work?
My writing process is too sporadic to distill into a process, but I think there are some trends I follow. When I write, I break it down. I always give myself an objective to my writing, then consider what formal constraints I wish to apply for that idea.

BTW: the above image is from Steins;Gate, a brilliant franchise from Japan that has enraptured me with both an anime and visual novel (one I am still working through).



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