Giraffes, Water Slides, & Trading Cards – A Recipe for Mobile Games

Hey readers. As the month of March comes to a close, I thought I’d do a round-up of games I played this month, with a bit of commentary aimed at exploring gameplay elements that make particular games sticky. This is far from exhaustive, as gamers differ in taste, but maybe there is a recipe in all this that can help devs. I dunno.

None of these games are staggeringly new; I got bored of Threes before the other rip-offs arrived. These are long-lasters for me, which is Kind-of-a-Big-Deal. I wrote Best Apps Market Reviews for all but the last one, which, being Guild Wars 2, I decided to review in the style we do at BAM.

Games That Stuck in March:

I Am Giraffe:

Punch and absorb other giraffes to trigger insane evolutions! A good spin-off of Alpaca Evolution, but it’s sadly missing the terribly amusing evolution translations.

Bikini Girl:

Guide bikini-wearing anime girls over crazy water slides and use well-timed taps to take sexy photos when you reach the exit! A ridiculous online scroller that’s actually kind of fun.

Kaizin Rumble:


Level up and evolve your team of Kaizin cards by matching the reels of a magic slot machine to duel enemies and complete missions! GAMEVIL’s online card battler has great anime art but it can be laggy at times.

Guild Wars 2:

Create a story-driven experience for your characters, then try to find the help needed to level up. It’s still the best MMO out there if you don’t want to shell out cash on a regular basis.


That’s it for now for me, but why I returned to these mobile games is a good question worth exploring later…



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