2013 – a Lyric, Datum, & Anecdote Laced with Irony.

Image-Jenny Boully, The Body: An Essay, 2002

It wasn’t an easy year, but it was a fun one. Many websites tout the ineptitude and bleak perspective of 20-somethings because 20-somethings are somewhat of an Internet majority. Well, I won’t entertain that idea, and will instead say being a 20-something in 2013 was awesome. For every stupid thing Thought Catalog‘s writers “composed,” I had something alternatively cool happen in my life (however small this or that thing might have been in comparison).

Entirely out of order, here is what made being a 20-something in 2013 great:

1) Pacific Rim: next to Gravity and Blue is the Warmest Colour, Del Toro’s homage to anime and mecha took me back to growing up in the 80s. It’s somewhat campy, but everything about it screams quality production. I’m listening to the soundtrack right now, and if you want to get pumped up, there’s nothing better than Pacific Rim to start your (work) day.

2) BAASICS: the Bay Area Art & Science Interdisciplinary Collaborative Sessions might have a ridiculously clumsy acronym, but their May 6 session, The Deep End, blew me away. A blend of science, art and personal presentation, this event made me realize that people in the Bay Area are thinking about greater things than how to make the new big app or whine about public transit, and that people don’t suffer from “mental illness,” but are, simply neuro-diverse. It also showed me that 20-somethings care enough to START something like this, rather than make a hit-seeking blog. So, good job.

3) Gravity: another movie, but considering that I see maybe five films in theaters a year, it’s significant. I wrote a blog post about what makes this movie great, and stand by it. It’s emotionally deep, visually breath-taking, and short. It’s the best movie of the 21st century, imo. Also, being a 20-something, I was able to appreciate references from older films like 2001 that inevitably had to be there.

4) Humble Bundle: you let me buy so many games with your sales, and I’ve only played, probably, two of them. Still, you made pay-what-you-want awesome, and I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it without…

5) Android: you’re Google’s attempt to prevent Apple dominance, and while things didn’t pan out as expected, I appreciate the sentiment, considering I work for an Android start-up (Fetch). The platform has really accelerated, and, while the games still suck, NVIDIA has ideas that will likely change things up.

6) Being me: let’s just skip over my age, because your opportunities are partially derived from your social and familial connections. This is why so many NYC people write for Thought Catalog: they were given the chance because of their social connections, not because of their writing ability. Getting socially connected matters for people my age, and, unsurprisingly, that factored into me finding a job, improving my life, and living to write this really narcissistic post instead of asking for pennies at the BART station.

7) Poetry: nothing approaches poetry in terms of representing human consciousness, and it saved my life this year, and, I’m going to AWP in February in Seattle, so, awesome. Reading poetry is reading code, but writing poetry is composing a kind of consciousness in a code that only the human brain can read. That makes me want to write, write poems, compose stories of all kinds, and try to get others to focus on learning writing. 2013 showed me that writing, not technical capability, got me here, and I want people to know that expression via writing is the closest thing to spell-crafting you can get. Also, Beth Bachmann, ’nuff said.

Oh, I could say more, but let’s just crack the bottle open and get on with the end of 2013! I’ve got plans and resolutions, but let’s enjoy what we have now: media, drinks, friends, whatever. Also, 20-somethings, make 2014 the year we don’t seem like our lives are so bleak. DO STUFF. ENJOY LIFE. GIVE AND RECEIVE. Don’t expect; don’t compare. DO, and Love. Learning to love seems to help. Stop searching and start BEING. Be alive, and stop this stupid search people tell you every 20-something experiences, because that’s hardly the case.



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