Nothing to Offer but Confusion, Thought Catalog?

“I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.”

You really like to take things out of context, and, thankfully, lists are clearly contextual, so you’re to blame for this. Kerouac, and other writers didn’t write what they did thinking you sad hit-seekers would leech off their talent simply because you can’t write anything worth anyone’s eye-time. Good job.  I hope you love your jobs of rehashing brilliance and intermingling it with confessions. It must work! Good job, again, and good luck.

To reference the title of your original “article,” it should be “One Quote from Kerouac for Any One Trying to Find Her/His Self,” because the other quotes of that article are just more list-garbage-driving hits. Thought Catalog, ever try, you know, giving 20-somethings like myself something that I won’t see straight through? It’s probably because you’re all younger 20-somethings, which is fine, but don’t speak for all of us. You really need to venture out into the world of literature. Try some de Certeau, or Marcel, or even write about David Shields’ Reality Hunger, because, really, all those people, and many other less iconoclastic writers, touch on things you people miss.

Making 20-somethings feel miserable must be important to you. So, go ahead–do your confessions of misery and lists of encouragement, but, people will catch onto it, and you’ll be left with, what? Worthless editors living in NYC. Good. Job. I hope you enjoy it, and, happy holidays!

Confusion works in so many ways, doesn’t it, hit-seeker? Excuse me, I need to go play Arkham City to numb my clearly hopeless 20-something mind to the realities of the world you clearly know so much more about.



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