Thoughts–Star Trek: Into Darkness


So, this is a little late in terms of “review” material, but I just wanted to offer my opinions on the latest Star Trek film, both GOOD and not-so-good.

First, Into Darkness had to meet a high calling as a sequel to an already-great reboot of the greatest sci-fi franchise in the world. I saw the 2009 film in theatres three times because I liked it so much…but Into Darkness is trickier.

Some of my European friends in STO (Star Trek: Online) told me about the story before Into Darkness had been released in the US. What these people told me turned me off, and I chose not to see the film when it was released. Because of this unfortunate internet banter, I managed to find dodgy internet videos of the film that made me more resolved to hate the film.

As it was released on DVD and online recently, I decided to see the film. My verdict is neither pretentious nor hit-seeking. Overall, I think Into Darkness is a good movie, but fails to replicate the ship-combat drama found in other TOS films.

Without spoiling the movie–I think Abrams banked too much on the ideas of previous Trek films and failed to provide a good narrative. I LOVE Benedict as the villain, but in some ways, he is not as evocative as Montalbán’s portrayal of a villain.

All that aside, the film made decent money, and another is in the pipe…

I just hope the next film is as original as it is action-packed.



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