Tricks of the Trade.

Well, Denise and I finished “Sherlock.” I have a lot of observations, but I want to keep this post spoiler-free, and more aimed at the franchise itself, and where American television might be missing the mark, in light of what I have seen with Mr. Cumberbatch…

“Sherlock” adheres to a lot of tropes, and that is unsurprising. In fact, after viewing the TvTropes page for the series, I decided to withhold my commentary in a tropey sense. But, I do think the conclusion of the second season has much to answer for in the next one. There is tension, between Watson and Sherlock, that was not developed properly, and tossing in “Asperger syndrome” was not good, in my view…Falling on the mental illness boat was beyond my expectations when viewing this series.

Still, I want more. The series is crafted so well, that, well, each 90 minute episode is a feast of enjoyment. I wonder if a lot is riding on “Sherlock?” Perhaps.

Games developers should take a note from “Sherlock,” and see that making a good narrative is partially interface-related. Make it POP! Give players a lot to see, but make the players figure out what to do with it. This advice applies to mobile games as much as it does to console and PC games, but PC games have been doing this for decades, which is where “Sherlock” learned the trick, right?

More, later.


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