A lapse in posting here, and, while I have some excuse(s) for such a span -and others-, there is an issue with more didactic utility I would rather pursue. The name of my topic is a heart-warming one, according to TvTropes, “You Are Better Than You Think You Are.”

This Trope captures, in a warm, ironic embrace, the types of writing being cast on social networks (namely, Facebook), for twenty-somethings (namely, Thought Catalog), people of my age, en masse.

Some twenty-something writers that might be characteristic of this Trope, have made it the agenda of not only her or his writing, but of the agency that lovingly employs them, to characterize their plight as some terrible, fear-inducing norm–that their life-so-lived has some chance of turning into those of their readers’. This is not the case. For you see, my dear readers, I cannot say that these people speak words of no value (I identify with a lot of it)…I feel similarly dispossessed and cast-out. Yet, I can say that the situation is not quite so…simplistic. My take on their problems is more aimed at ascertaining Character Attributes–templates (as some of you know) are…actually quite important. Instead of inciting -more- twenty-something doubt, writers -in-question-, why not advocate mindfulness? Here’s the thing:


People my age are inundated with doubt, with words being typed (and disseminated) from those-just-as-doubtful. Can we change this? I do not know. People of-my-age are strange, and difficult to predict, but, profit is usually assumed, on their part. Can we change this? In an online context, we all, at one point think, tell ourselves that, “You Are Better Than You Think You Are…”

I might embrace the IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) ideology, but I DO NOT want to discount anyone. I merely want to know, if, today, we can, with effort, learn paths to become self-accepting, and, not with doubt, but encouragement, feel that we are “better.”

It takes a lot to dispel pain; it takes more to hide it.




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